About Us

Schooluniform.hk is a subsidiary of Hyper Engine, a high-quality clothing manufacturer and independent fashion label that launched in 1995. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we own and operate two garment factories in Mainland China and have access to some of the most technically advanced fabric and labour markets in the world.

Throughout our prestigious twenty-year history, we have established strong relationships with world-leading fashion houses and designers. Our clients are global, billion-dollar retail clothing brands that dictate and shape the future of contemporary and modern fashion. We also work with international, blue-chip companies, public and private schools and hospitals, providing clothing solutions for their daily operations and branding purposes. We offer direct-to-consumer solutions using robust e-commerce platforms that is supported by our in-house logistics and customer service teams.

All our fabrics and clothing have been rigorously tested and are free from any carcinogenic dyes, meeting GTT GB18401-2010 standards. As a customer-focused company, we offer our clients a diverse product range, strong sourcing and technical skills, consistent quality control and firm commitment to ensure excellent customer value and service.